How much is my
trade in car worth?

Through the years the one name that comes to mind when a consumer needs to know what their individual car is worth, is Kelly Blue Book. There are many factors that distinguish that answer to get the most accurate value and those factors are as follows:

  • Odometer Reading
  • Location
  • Damage History

One other component to get an accurate value of how much our trade is worth is our perception on the condition. A good way to get a true idea of the condition of your car is to take it to a mechanic in Carlsbad to have it checked out by a professional. What we may see might not be what another will see, and we need to consider everything whether it is the smallest imperfection. When you are imputing data about your personal vehicle it is best to use the average condition. This gives the ability to have some negotiation on the price. When you are using your vehicle as a trade in towards another vehicle it is important to keep in mind that the value will be more closely tied to what your vehicle would sell for at a wholesale auction. Keep in mind that all of these are estimates on the overall worth of your vehicle. In the case that some thing may need to be fixed on your vehicle this will most likely come off your trade in value and reduce the overall amount of it is worth. The dealer is keeping in mind what will need to be done for resale on their part. On the plus side your vehicle may be a popular and desirable vehicle to add to the inventory and that will be reflected as well. One thing to always keep in mind that a trade offer will generally differ from a private sale offer as the dealer will be doing all the leg work to resell the vehicle and recoup the amount that they have in it. Some factors that will affect the trade in offer on your vehicle are:

  • Condition of car
  • Demand for that make or model
  • Consumers negotiation skills
  • Mileage, especially over 100,000

There are also some advantages of having a trade in when buying a car and that is, it can reduce your down payment, give the option for using the same down payment and using the trade for a lower car payment. Overall doing the research and making the best choice for your situation is optimal. Research is key to every important decision and remember ask questions.