What time of the year is
the best to buy a car

One of the best times of year to buy a car is when there are incentives. Many times, of year especially during the holidays, many cars lots will host an incentive or discount to purchase at that time. A prime example is the New Years Eve and New Years Day sales that are notoriously active. This is a time when car lots are trying to reduce inventory from the year before and an individual has the potential to buy a vehicle at a much bigger discount than anticipated. Holidays that have car sales are typically during these times:

  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day

These are just a few examples, but these incentives generally focus around reducing inventory on the lot. Especially if it falls on a holiday weekend.
Another time of year that is important to keep an eye out for is at the end of the model year. This is typically after Labor Day and a few months later for the luxury cars. Quarterly times of year is also a good time to start looking at dealerships and sales professional as they adhere to goals set before them by themselves or their managers. Holidays are not the only times that incentives are offered.

  • End of the Month
  • End of the sales quarter
  • During the week

Through directional research and visual performance, the best month displayed in buying a car points to the month of December. This is the dealership and salesperson final push to reach all parties associated with reaching their end of year goals. This has a direct bearing on why the incentives are so much larger at this time of year than any other. In the last 10 years the highest sales at dealerships has been in the month of December and that is with incentives being offered. Although dealerships are an essential function in our society but an expensive one, they are needed for our everyday way of life. Doing research and staying up to date on what incentives, sales and marketing strategies are being used are in your best interest. Shopping for a car on a weekday, a holiday weekend, year end and during the dealership goals for projected times of the year are a solid strategy that we all can benefit from.